First Impressions: Reuben’s Brews (Seattle, WA)

Within you will find beer!

Today I visited my first brewery “grand opening” and it was amazing! Reuben’s Brews opened their doors in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA at exactly 12:00pm. I was there at 11:00am trying not to squee like a fangirl at her first comicon. There wasn’t a long line (that came just a little later); the owners were just taking some pictures before the crowd showed up. The brewery felt ready and waiting for beer lovers; the tap room brilliant and shining. (and very sustainable) I was able to have a small chat with Adam, owner and beermaster, about his beer and what direction he is looking at for the coming winter (double milk stout? Spiced winter warmer? Sign me up!) and what he loves about beer.

Five beer on tap with plenty of space for more!

Adam is not only about taste, but how a beer sets on the nose and tantalizes the eyes. It’s the whole experience from first look to last drop. Reuben’s flagship brown lives up to its award winning reputation; a natural crowd pleaser with a little floral and hop, some malt and sweetness, a pleasant aroma and dark amber color… it’s not extreme in any sense and doesn’t alienate anybody.

The American Rye was delicious with pineapple and citrus notes and a distinct chewiness that went well with the warm summer weather. The porter and stout both express themselves with toasty chocolate, coffee and caramel. The porter has a lot more in the way of body and cream. The stout is crisp and dry like a quick shot of espresso. My favorite brew of the day was Reuben’s Roggenbier. Incredibly pleasant clove and banana come together with sweet malts to make a unique and complex brew. (my mouth did a little dance of joy) This was a real jewel and I will be coming back for more very soon.

Just hook up an IV to these bad boys…

Another item that makes Reuben’s stand out is their website. Not all breweries do it well and many could learn from them. It’s very clean, easy to navigate and offers a beer blog that inspires the aspiring home brewer. I hope to read more tips, tricks and humor from the brewery’s perspective. Also, they offer a good look at what they’re brewing and connectivity for the socially networked.

Sometime soon, take a weekend and head on down to Ballard’s beer district. Its many awesome breweries are within walking distance of each other and if you hit it on a Sunday be sure to check out the Ballard farmers market as well. Start the day off right and visit Reuben’s to welcome in what I hope will be a mainstay of the local craft brewing scene

Chris and Jacki say “Drink all the beer!”

For taproom times and more information, check out their website:


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