First Impressions: Wayward Coffeehouse (Seattle, WA)

Yes... yes I do...

Yes… yes I do…

When I moved to Seattle for work, I knew two things about the city: one, the inhabitants drank more coffee than water; two, they made some of the best beer in the country. After some quick Googling for those luxuries, I scored right away with the beer. Across the street from my work was Pies & Pints (which will be a whole other blog post), proving to be a huge win in both food and beer!

Unfortuntely Sadly, my only local (meaning I don’t have to walk into a different neighborhood) coffee option was a Starbucks. This wasn’t bad… just too corporate. What I wanted was a little indie coffee establishment in which I could be a snarky-hipster. Thankfully, a few weeks after starting my job a sign popped up on the corner of 65th and Roosevelt: “Wayward Coffee–Coming Soon” In Seattle, good things come to those who wait! (just ask anybody re: the lightrail)

If you haven't seen this: see it!

If you haven’t seen this: see it!

So I bit the bullet, consumed my Starbucks, and waited in anticipation for Wayward to open. When it did, not only did I find a local indie coffee spot; it was a GEEKY indie coffee spot! Wandering inside for the first time I noticed spaceship models hanging on the wall; specifically those of the Joss Whedon cult show “Firefly.” As Wayward continued to grow into its space, they added fan art and memorabilia (locally made and for sale), organic fair trade coffee, homemade ploughman’s meals, a bookcase of sci-fi/fantasy novels to rotate and borrow, and plenty of area for groups to meet.

A sampling of geek related wall decoration...

A sampling of geek related wall decoration…

Evoking the famous phrase “if you build it, they will come,” come they did. One evening I found myself sitting between a knitting circle and a role playing group. Other nights I have seen steampunks, Browncoats, gamers and cosplayers. If geekdom had temples, Wayward would have ministers slinging coffee behind the bar.

Not to say Wayward is only for the counterculture elite. There are always average joes/janes sitting on their laptops, college students studying for class, or somebody lounging on a couch reading a book. Heck, you might run into Nathan Fillion (I missed him by 30 min). Wayward has done an amazing job of making the space open and accessible to everyone without bias or snark.

One of my favorite hidden gems in Roosevelt

One of my favorite hidden gems in Roosevelt

Sadly, I don’t visit Wayward as often as I’d like. I started roasting my own coffee and brewing my own beer, which has cut down on my bar/coffeehouse attendance. However, it’s nice to know that there is a great indie joint right down the street from work in which I can drink some coffee, write a blog, and perhaps play a game or two.


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Coffee roaster, beer brewer, spirit distiller, capsaicin addict, active activist, peaceful warrior.
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5 Responses to First Impressions: Wayward Coffeehouse (Seattle, WA)

  1. Su Leslie says:

    You roast your own coffee; I am seriously impressed.

    • Yup 🙂 it’s actually really easy… Now growing my own coffee… That could be harder!

      • Su Leslie says:

        I love the ides of roasting my own coffee, although I do really like the coffee I buy and the people who work at my favourite roasters.

        Growing coffee definitely a challenge – but some friends and I have been thinking about trying to grow tea. Apparently it is possible in NZ!

      • Probably a little more possible than growing it here in Seattle, WA lol But good luck! Best part about roasting your own coffee is the house smells like coffee for a week!

      • Su Leslie says:

        I sold! 🙂

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