Justin Almeida was raised in Las Vegas, NV but now resides in Seattle, WA with his wife Heather, son Tobias and dog Leia. He worked in television before joining his wife to serve in the Peace Corps. He now works at University Unitarian Church as their Education Program Coordinator.

He earned degrees in communications from the College of Southern Nevada and in philosophy and theology from the University of San Diego. He is currently in seminary studying a Masters of Divinity (Chaplaincy) at the Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry.

Justin has a black belt in Shaolin Kempo and enjoys spicy food, strong coffee, and craft beers and spirits. When not blogging, he is an amateur home brewer and coffee roaster.

Fun Facts about Justin:

bluegrass karaoke

bluegrass karaoke

His favorite movies are Blazing Saddles and Big Trouble in Little China.

He loves karaoke and will sing music from the Gin BlossomsBush, Billy Idol, and Neil Diamond.

He is a 9 on the Enneagram scale and a an ENFJ on the Meyers-Briggs system.

He will eat just about dang near anything, including alligator, rattlesnake, possum, moose and dog (didn’t know it at the time).


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  3. john chialo says:

    Its been so long. From seminary year Let us keep in touchh

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