Blessing of the Divine Feminine

Holy Mother of Life and Love,
that which moves the seed to sprout,
and the cell to divide,
bless all who channel your Spirit.
Give us your Strength to persevere,
your Passion to flourish,
your Peace to heal.
Remind us of your divine feminine spark,
which restores us into Relationship,
Equity, and Justice.
And help us build a world free
of supremacy and violence,
where all can live and thrive.
May it be so.

Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

Spirit of Life and Love,
which moves Human hearts,
minds, and hands
to care for our Neighbors
and our Mother Earth
fill our spirits with your Peace.
Empower us to know our own strength
To do Justice
To love Mercy
To walk Humbly.
May we remember old ways,
and create new ways,
to be people of Peace in the world.
And with blessing,
transform the World’s pain
before it can be transmitted.
May it be so.