Like a (good) neighbor…

Day 11: Be a good neighbor—Leave comments on three new blogs

This is part of the UU Blogging Workshops’s Zero to Hero Series

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least three blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

I’m not much of a commentor. Once in a while, if a certain posts speaks to me, I’ll leave a quick mention. Otherwise, I’m happy to hit the like button and move on. However, as a blogger, I’ve learned you should always reply back to (or at least acknowledge) every person who comments on a post. They’ve not only taken the time to read your thoughts, but to respond as well. So here are the last three blogs I’ve commented on:

War By Other Means – a blog on philosophy and politics. She wrote a really good piece on free will (or does it really exist?).

A New Curse Word – I happened by this post which addresses our overuse of the word “busy.” I identified with a lot of what it was saying about what it means to really be busy, or just faking it.

Whiny Baby – this is a real, raw blog of a young woman making some crazy life decisions. To quote her about page: “I am an epic mess. Total, complete, utter disaster. And I’ve never been happier. Or more convinced that the future is bright.”

Some people really obsess over how many comments they get. I really don’t care; I just love it when they happen. Each time it’s like a birthday present!

If you’re looking for a good place to start commenting, one of the best places to go searching for quality blog posts is the Freshly Pressed page. Comment away!

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