Like a (good) neighbor…

Day 11: Be a good neighbor—Leave comments on three new blogs

This is part of the UU Blogging Workshops’s Zero to Hero Series

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least three blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

I’m not much of a commentor. Once in a while, if a certain posts speaks to me, I’ll leave a quick mention. Otherwise, I’m happy to hit the like button and move on. However, as a blogger, I’ve learned you should always reply back to (or at least acknowledge) every person who comments on a post. They’ve not only taken the time to read your thoughts, but to respond as well. So here are the last three blogs I’ve commented on:

War By Other Means – a blog on philosophy and politics. She wrote a really good piece on free will (or does it really exist?).

A New Curse Word – I happened by this post which addresses our overuse of the word “busy.” I identified with a lot of what it was saying about what it means to really be busy, or just faking it.

Whiny Baby – this is a real, raw blog of a young woman making some crazy life decisions. To quote her about page: “I am an epic mess. Total, complete, utter disaster. And I’ve never been happier. Or more convinced that the future is bright.”

Some people really obsess over how many comments they get. I really don’t care; I just love it when they happen. Each time it’s like a birthday present!

If you’re looking for a good place to start commenting, one of the best places to go searching for quality blog posts is the Freshly Pressed page. Comment away!


About Justin Almeida

Coffee roaster, beer brewer, spirit distiller, capsaicin addict, active activist, peaceful warrior.
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