New Year, New(ish) Resolutions…

No turning back...
No turning back…

2014 really couldn’t have come sooner. While 2013 had a few high points (new job for wifey, family wedding, beer brewing) for the most part it was a difficult year (home invasions, car vandalism, cancer). My wife dropped a great saying on New Year’s Eve: “2013, on your way out don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.” Now  it’s nothing but up and I’m looking to do some amazing things in 2014. Taking a cue from fellow peaceful warrior Chris, I’ve broken my resolutions down into some easy categories:



I’m carving out time every week to do some serious writing. I can’t do it at home; I’m too comfortable and distracted.  My office The spare bedroom is almost always occupied. The dog needs petting and there’re 4 seasons of Lost Girl to watch on Netflix. In order to remove excuses NOT to write, every Thursday after work I’m going to walk down to Wayward Coffee House and write. Easy, accessible, creatively inspiring… most importantly, doable!

Gotta get back into the groove!
Gotta get back…

Health & Fitness

I’m currently looking to join a martial arts studio. I’ve been away from Kempo for a couple years and I really miss it. So, do I want to return to Kempo or do I want to mix things up? There are a lot of Aikido and Kung Fu schools around; I just need to try them out until I find one that feels like a good fit. USSD Green Valley Dojo can never be replaced; but until they bring a school up to Seattle I need to get training again. It improves my health, reduces my stress, and keeps my reflexes sharp. I trained hard to earn my black belt; I can’t let all that time, energy and money go to waste.

Grad school bound!
Grad school bound!


The biggest item on my plate is going to be grad school. Seattle University just started a Masters of Divinity program with an emphasis on chaplaincy.  My goal is to start this fall. In December 2012 I listened to an episode of On Bring with Krista Tippett where she interviewed Unitarian Universalist chaplain Kate Braestrup. That interview inspired me to discern whether chaplaincy was my call back to Vocation. Even though I left seminary years ago, there has always been a drive/desire to serve and minister in some capacity. My fingers are crossed that this will be my next big spiritual step in the right direction.

Pointing toward the future...
Pointing toward the future…

None of these resolutions are impossible. If I fail any of them, it’s because I didn’t work hard enough. I feel I made a lot of excuses in 2013. Looking back, I realize I gave into laziness. I kept on saying “oh, I’ll brew beer next week” or “I’ll write that blog tomorrow.” Tomorrow easily became weeks and months. I can’t let that happen this year; I’m way too old and time is too short for that kind of nonsense. So it’s Thursday, I’m sitting in Wayward and I’m getting shizzle done.

Happy New Year!

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