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Delicate morsels

Celebrating a time of thin-ness…

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the crispness in the air, trees changing color and how nature begins to slow down. It seems to me that the world is responding deeply, as if letting out a long breath that … Continue reading

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You Can Do It (too)!

I’ve lived in Seattle a little more than 2 years now. In that time I’ve learned how to brew beer, make wine and roast coffee. I only have two more skills I’d like to add: curing tea and distilling spirits. … Continue reading

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The very good and the very (little) bad…

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and experience! It seems like the whole month of August went by in a hazy blur. Somebody must have clicked the fast forward button on the VCR. Go figure; time … Continue reading

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First Impressions: Radiator Whiskey (Seattle, WA)

As if I needed one more reason to love living in Seattle, I recently discovered (by accident) another awesome eatery worth mentioning. It was a friend’s birthday and she picked the restaurant by internet roulette. The gamble paid off in … Continue reading

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First Impressions: Wayward Coffeehouse (Seattle, WA)

When I moved to Seattle for work, I knew two things about the city: one, the inhabitants drank more coffee than water; two, they made some of the best beer in the country. After some quick Googling for those luxuries, … Continue reading

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First Impressions: The Burgundian (Seattle, WA)

I am a man of my appetites. I like my whisky strong, my food spicy, my coffee black and my women (er, woman) with red hair. So when I hear a local pub is having a coffee-beer festival, I’m on … Continue reading

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