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Sometimes I fail at being a parent, and that’s ok.

Tobias has officially put himself to sleep. Radio Paradise is playing in the background. The living room is dim with filtered light from the window shades. I think I can squeeze a blog post out before he wakes up. Let the … Continue reading

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Wow, what a weekend! I’m not going to say that I was busy, because of this. Instead, I will say that it was packed… with AWESOME! Friday night, I kicked off my church’s Coming of Age program (though I will … Continue reading

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The very good and the very (little) bad…

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and experience! It seems like the whole month of August went by in a hazy blur. Somebody must have clicked the fast forward button on the VCR. Go figure; time … Continue reading

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No more (painful) excuses…

There is no such thing as a relaxing summer in the Almeida household. My friend who has been staying with us for the last three months moved out. We’re getting the house ready for my parents to visit in three … Continue reading

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